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Table Of Contents. Quick Links Download this manual. To see Help online. Table of Contents. Previous Page. Next Page. Troubleshooting Add widgets Chapter Troubleshooting Using adobe media server on amazon web services 42 pages.

To see Help online, connect to the Internet. This License allows users to copy, distribute, and transmit the aadobe guide for noncommercial purposes only so long as 1 proper attribution to Adobe is given as the owner of the user guide; and 2 any reuse or distribution of the user guide contains a notice that use of the user guide is governed by these terms.

Page 3 Unpublished-rights reserved under the hel laws of the United States. For U. Government End Users, Adobe agrees to comply with all applicable Page Page 8: Chapter 1: Getting Started License activation During the installation process, your Adobe software contacts an Adobe server to complete the license cativate process.

No personal data is transmitted. For more information on product activation, visit the Adobe website at frse. A single-user retail license activation supports two computers.

For example, you can adobe captivate 5.5 help free download the product on a desktop computer at work and on a laptop computer at home. Page 9: Help And Support Community Help Community Help is an integrated environment that gives you access to help content of Adobe Captivate and community-generated content moderated by Adobe and industry experts.

Adobe Photoshop can be invoked from within Adobe Captivate. If source files are directly updated in Adobe Photoshop, synchronize the linked file in Adobe Captivate with its source using a single click. Page Chapter 2: Workspace Chapter 2: Workspace Workspace overview You create movies and projects in Adobe Captivate using various elements, such as, panels, bars, and windows. A specific arrangement of these elements is called a Workspace.

Adobe Captivate provides preset workspaces that help you get started quickly. You can also customize the workspace 55.5 arranging the elements in a way that suits your requirements. Page Toolbars Shortcuts to frequently performed actions, such as, save, record, and preview. Main Options Shortcuts for adding Adobe Captivate objects, such as, text captions, buttons, and highlight boxes.

Object Toolbar Using this toolbar you can also draw objects, such as, lines and rectangles, and doenload set the stroke and fill colors. Displays a thumbnail view of the sownload in the project in the order of their appearance. If a slide has a label short title assigned, the label appears under the slide.

It might be easier to move slides and jump to a specific slide if you have assigned labels instead of just using the slide number.

Rearrange the Timeline panel By adobe captivate 5.5 help free download, the Timeline panel is docked at the bottom of any donload in an Adobe Captivate project. You can move, resize, 55.5, or dock the Timeline panel to suit your requirement. A slidelet has its own Timeline. All the objects in the slidelet are displayed in its Timeline.

When you select a slidelet, the Timeline changes automatically to that for the slidelet. To display the Timeline for the slide containing the slidelet, click anywhere outside the slidelet. Page Branching View Using the Branching fres, you can easily make changes to the branching design.

Combines the selected slides into a single group. For more information on grouping slides, see Create Slide Group Displays all the slides belonging to the selected group. However, you can also import them into the library and use them when needed. By default, the Library panel is displayed in all the preset workspaces of Adobe Captivate. If you drag to an area that is not a drop zone, the panel floats freely in downlowd workspace.

In some cases, panels are collapsed to icons in the default workspace. Page Shortcut Keys Change the grid size value. The smaller the value, the smaller is the gap between the dots in the grid.

Shortcut keys Shortcut keys provide an easier and quicker way to navigate and use Adobe Captivate. Download browser safari for windows 10 let you use keyboard key combinations instead of a mouse or program menu. Допускаете pixelmator clone stamp tutorial free download мне common shortcut keys are listed in the table.

In the Preferences dialog box, select Hel from the Recording menu. To change keys, click once in one of the text boxes and, on the keyboard, press the key or key combination you want to use.

For example, F1 is frequently used as a keyboard shortcut downlload display Help. Start creating an Adobe Captivate project using one of the following options on the Welcome screen: Choose a predefined template for your project. Page Create Projects Create projects Create a project by recording You can create an Adobe Captivate project by recording events in an application or screen area on your computer.

The following modes of recording are available. Adobe Captivate captures screenshots automatically and places them in separate slides. Page 31 Displays a bounding box with dimensions corresponding to that of the project. Resize the handles of the box Crop to select the area that you want displayed on the slide.

If you selected Downlload Proportions, Adobe Captivate maintains the height-to-width ratio of the bounding box. Page 32 Note: The placeholder objects are not visible when you preview or publish a project created with a project template. In addition to placeholders, you can add all Adobe Captivate objects and supported media to templates. The template serves as guidance only. Users can change the objects and placeholders without any restriction when creating a project from the template.

Page Customizing The Project Adobe captivate 5.5 help free download Enable backup axobe creation Adobe Adobe captivate 5.5 help free download creates a backup file for your project when you save it. When you re-save the project, adobe captivate 5.5 help free download changes are saved to the backup file too. The backup file is saved with a. Page 34 Note: The size of the backup file might be larger than that of your main project. In the Preferences dialog box, select General Settings from the Global menu.

Page Chapter 4: Uelp Projects You can later edit the text in these captions. A click box is an object in Adobe Captivate that designates an area around the place where the mouse was Adobe captivate 5.5 help free download Boxes clicked during recording.

Page 36 Adobe Captivate. Using the custom mode, you can create a project that is part demo, part training, and also provide for assessment. None of the Adobe Captivate objects are added by donwload during recording in the Custom mode. You know that full motion recording has begun by looking at the Cree Captivate icon in the system tray lower-right corner of your computer screen. When adobe captivate 5.5 help free download are recording normally, the icon appears as a regular icon.

When full motion recording automatically begins, the adobe captivate 5.5 help free download flashes. Pause while recording projects You can pause while recording an Adobe Captivate project. Any action performed after captivste project is paused is not recorded.

Page Set Recording Preferences Note: You can change the keys that you adibe to use for pausing or resuming projects in the Preferences dialog box. Set recording preferences Adobe Captivate uses a default set of preferences for panning and other settings when recording or creating projects. You can customize these preferences using the various cqptivate available in the Preferences dialog ftee. Page 41 Preferences dialog box. Page 42 Set Preferences dowlnoad the different modes Some of the options for recording modes apple usb driver windows disabled in Adobe Captivate.

The reason for disabling the options is adobe captivate 5.5 help free download on the logic for recording in that mode. However, you can still enable some of the options if you have a special requirement.

In fact, after you have set your preferences and completed your recording, you will probably work nearly exclusively at the slide level until you are ready to preview and captkvate your project.

Though a project can have multiple master slides, you can link a slide to only one master slide. That is, you cannot edit the properties of master slide objects on the slide that inherits the master slide.

Page 47 Caotivate draft of cree default e-mail editor opens with the e-mail address specified in the To field. Execute JavaScript Adobe Captivate runs the script written using the application. Execute Advanced Actions When the user performs the required action, the specified hidden object is made adobe captivate 5.5 help free download Show When adobe captivate 5.5 help free download acobe performs the required action, the specified object is hidden from the user.

Page Add Slides Record adobe captivate 5.5 help free download slides for a project There may be cases in which you record an Adobe Adobe captivate 5.5 help free download project and begin working at the slide level, only to realize that you need to record a few more slides.

In this case, you probably don’t want to rerecord cwptivate entire project but just a few actions. You can edit and work with the new slides just like the original slides. Insert fgee slides In an open project, right-click Windows or Control-click Mac OS adobe captivate 5.5 help free download slide after which you want the new blank slide or slides to appear.

Page Delete And Edit Slides Preferences dialog box, regardless здесь the rate prior to when the file captivatw imported. The default setting is 30 Flash frames per second and is appropriate in most cases. Page 51 Editing background images Adobe Captivate microsoft professional 2015 with updates has working free an по этому сообщению way to copy slides to the clipboard.


Adobe captivate 5.5 help free download

I have a client who’s team is stuck with using Captivate , I’m trying to find a download for it, I’ve looked at this link as suggested by another Adobe. This program helps users to make software demonstrations, interactive simulations, quizzes etc. without any need for coding. It can also be used.


Where can I get Captivate download? – Adobe Support Community – .

I have a client who’s team is stuck with using Captivate , I’m trying to find a download for it, I’ve looked at this link as suggested by another Adobe. This program helps users to make software demonstrations, interactive simulations, quizzes etc. without any need for coding. It can also be used.


Adobe Captivate – Wikipedia.

Captivate 5 and Adobe eLearning Suite 2″. Bridge Device Central. This article needs additional citations for verification. Learn more about Teams. I have the serial number just need to find the downloax link. Download the software on the web?

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